At Fresh Baked, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and providing individuals with superior genetics, quality products and a pleasant atmosphere. We not only provide cannabis for recreational purposes but also medicine for those it has not been available to previously. Unlike most retail shops, you are encouraged to ask the bud-tenders questions and take the time to enjoy the experience of being able to buy cannabis, legally.


  We have a strain bank of over 50 different varieties that filter in and    out of our  shelves on any given day. Among those is our Jack Flash  (Jack Herer x Skunk #1) that  won the Silver Medal at the High Times  Cannabis Cup in Denver in 2012 and our  Train-wreck that won the  Rooster Classic that same year. Through our own growing  process we  have found much success with all of our genetics:

Our growing techniques have developed over time, beginning over a decade ago when connections in British Columbia revealed an ebb & flow hydroponic system to the future owner. Shortly thereafter, across the state our other owner was developing his own soilless growing method, using a top feeding method with a growing medium of mainly ground coconut husks. Combining the old knowledge learned by, and passed down to the owners, with the new resources available in the ever expanding legal marijuana industry we continue to develop our technique. While we preserve many of the “Old Ways” by continuing to use a traditional ebb & flow hydroponic, and of course our soilless potting method, our new tri-medium growing system is raising eyebrows and is certainly the future of the industry. Flowering occurs in our climate controlled Flower Rooms, where the plants are kept at a constant temperature, air is constantly circulating, and 1000w HPS light bulbs are active for 12 hours per day.  With the ability to tailor each strain’s nutrient regiment, our growers have refined our feeding methods to maximize crystal production without compromising the stability of each strains genetics. This has allowed us to commercially produce many strains that were considered “boutique” because of their adverse reactions to many nutrient mixes. During the final stage of the plants’ lives, nutrient regiments stop and the plants are “Flushed” with fresh, pH balanced water to ensure all nutrients are cleared from the product you find on our shelves. Our collection of strains has been carefully selected over years, from over 100 different genetic variations to offer a unique shelf, with something for everyone and strains that are sure to be remembered.